Double NZs refugee quota

We have two main asks of the New Zealand government for their autumn 2016 review:

(1) Double the quota of refugees who arrive through the UNHCR resettlement programme.

(2) Double refugee funding so that the hard working people across New Zealand’s governmental and NGO services have the resources they need to get their job done.

People often ask us how they can help. We've prepared a booklet with a whole lot of ideas in it. If you would like a booklet, or more than one, it'd be great if you could help us cover the costs of printing and postage. There are two options: (1) Pay Now: the basic material cost of each booklet, excluding volunteer labour; (2) Donate: make a donation of any amount, even $0 if you can't afford to pay, and be sure to enter your address and the number of booklets you'd like.