T-shirts + Booklets

In March more than two hundred supporters allowed us to create t-shirts, 'Election Action!' booklets, stickers and badges. Thanks to their early support we've been able to produce extra materials that we are now offering here.

Double The Quota - Activist Pack (t-shirt+++) - $50 postage included
The Activist Pack is the same as that which people pledged during our Crowdfunding campaign and includes:
- a t-shirt (note that the style is Staple/Maple from AS colour)
- three Election Action booklets
- four colour stickers
- one badge


Double The Quota - Refugees Welcome white t-shirt - $30 postage included
This option is t-shirt only and while stocks last - some t-shirt sizes have only a couple left and will be adjusted for when we sell out.


Doing Our Bit booklets at cost with postage included

Contact us if money is tight and we'll make sure to get one out to you for free. 

If you wanted to contribute but missed out on our PledgeMe campaign, feel free to make a deposit into the following account:

Doing Our Bit NZ